Safety inspection of a truck
Elevating safety in transportation autonomy
Safety is paramount in everything we do. Whether we are engaging with customers, setting policies, designing solutions, engineering autonomy, testing prototypes, or running operations, safety is embedded at the core of every step.
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Our commitment to safety
Our partners rely on Stack to strengthen their supply chains, grow their businesses, and reach their customers fast and safely. In every aspect of our work - from planning to development, and from vehicle testing to live operations - safety is at the foundation of our work. We are dedicated to transparency and will routinely share information about our safety protocols, outlining how we ensure the readiness of our vehicles for the road.
Our Safety Resources
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Safety for our employees
Our employees are the driving force of our company. Stack is committed to fostering an open and innovative culture where employees are encouraged to share ideas, voice concerns and ask questions - especially when it comes to their safety and the safety of the communities we serve. At Stack, transparency is paramount. We encourage our employees to report any suspicious behavior or potential misconduct through our anonymous ethics reporting hotline, available 24/7.
40% of large truck front-to-rear crashes
could be prevented with driver assistance technology solutions
Collisions cost over $3 million if the accident results in injury or fatality

A 17% increase in fatalities was reported in 2021 compared the 2020 due to collisions with large trucks
crashes per year involve large trucks
injuries were caused by large truck collisions in 2021
people each year are killed due to crashes involving large trucks